Projects and Work

What I'm Currently Working On

Web Design and Creative Development at Tackle a unicorn tech powerhouse in the business of cloud marketplace selling magic.

Development and Design at SoCal Flights a newsletter providing Southern California with the best flight deals.

Developer and Designer at Endgame Marketplace, a enthusiast mechanical keyboard marketplace. Building with youngbloodcyb.

Cofounder and Developer at the Young Bloods Dev Community, a collaboration of developers working to learn together one day at a time.

What I've Worked On in the Past

Product Design, UX Design, and Brand Design at Ampry an ecommerce conversion software.

Contracted Web Development for Innovation Exchange, a marketing agency. Clients included Built Bar, Bulletproof, Mixhers, and more!

Brand Creation, Web Design, and Development for Rem Blair a fashion ecommerce company.

Brand Design, Product Design, Web Design, and Development for a job board on the Block Chain.